School Tells Cop Scott Urkov Not To Wear Gun, Uniform When Picking Up Daughter

While school districts around the country, in wake of the numerous school shootings that have plagued the United States in recent years, have debated whether to have armed guards on school grounds, one school in Arizona recently told a police officer to leave his gun at home — and for that matter, his uniform as well — when he picks up his daughter.

Scott Urkov got a call from the principal of Entz Elementary School in Mesa, Arizona, after he showed up at the school in his full police uniform including his sidearm.

The cop immediately took to Facebook to express his disbelief.

"Nothing like your kids school calling and asking if I could not come to pick up my daughter in uniform cause parents were concerned when their kids came home telling them there was a man at school with a gun. Are you freaking kidding me?" he posted.

The sight of an armed man — even a fully uniformed police officer — with a handgun on the school grounds was apparently too much for some parents.

"There were some parents who were concerned about that fact that there was a fully armed officer on campus and they spoke to the principal about it," said school spokesperson Helen Hollands.

But not all parents were alarmed. Some told a local Fox TV station that an armed officer on campus was a good thing.

"Even if my kids saw that I think they'd feel more protected to see a man in uniform at their school," sais one parent, Blaine Spencer.

The school has apologized, saying that they didn’t realize that Urkov (pictured) would take the phone call as an affront and now wants to turn the misunderstanding into a “teachable moment.” Urkov has been invited to speak at the school in his full uniform to explain to kids what police officers do.

As for Urkov himself, he told the Fox reporter that his department advised him “just to let it be,” without further comment.

SOURCES: My Fox Phoenix, Police One


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