School Takes Away Special Watch From Troubled Young Student


A young boy who has experienced too much tragedy in his short life is having one of his comforts taken from him.

Cayden Phillippi is just six years old. Two years ago, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. In September, his father was killed right in front of the family’s home in a car accident. The two events took a huge mental toll on Cayden, and he now suffers from separation anxiety.

To combat the anxiety, his mother gave him a watch with a GPS sensor in it and an emergency call feature.

“When I get lost I can press that emergency button and it calls everybody in the family," Cayden told LEX-18. 

Cayden has been wearing the watch for months without problem. Then, on Tuesday, the watch started to beep in class because it needed new batteries. The principal of Cayden’s school deemed the watch a distraction and said he couldn’t wear it anymore. The decision understandably upset Cayden’s mom, Jaymee Phillippi.

"I asked them if it was a distraction in the past or just because the battery was low. He said it didn't matter," she said.

Jaymee insists she will protest the school’s decision until administrators change their minds. She plans to get a doctor’s note recommending her child wears the watch to school.

"He has so much fear and that watch gives him a little bit of security," she said. "Because there's so much I can't control, that I haven't been able to control that's affected them, that anything I can control, I will control.”

Sources: LEX-18, Commonwealth Journal


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