School Suspends High School Students For Wearing Shirts They Deemed Made A Sexual Innuendo (Video)

Michigan high school students were suspended after wearing what officials deemed was an inappropriate shirt to school to celebrate becoming seniors next year.

The shirt reads, “The girls are hot. The boys are fine. We’re the class of 6 + 9.” The Union City, Michigan, students who made and wore the shirts say they thought the message was funny and lighthearted.

“Our class is like the joking class, so we wanted it to be funny and represent us,” student Mickaylah Briggs said.

The school did not see it as a joke and told the students that they could not wear the shirts there, even though they had given them prior approval.

“Administration did accept them for us to buy them, like say, they’re appropriate for school and stuff,” Briggs said. “Then that Friday, we all turned our money in. We found out they were not school appropriate, but it was too late.”

The school told students that the shirts promoted a “sexual innuendo” because of the “6+9” portion, even though it’s meant to be a nod to the class of 2015. They were told that the shirts were therefore not allowed in school, but one student decided to wear it anyway and was suspended immediately. The first suspension happened on a Friday, and on Monday, a larger group of students decided they would protest the school’s decision and walk in wearing the shirts.

“They waited for everybody to walk into school, and everybody that had a shirt got kicked out,” Briggs recalled.

Briggs’ mom, Bobbiejo, says she disagrees with the school’s decision to suspend the students and does not see how the shirt implies anything sexual.

“I don’t see the sexual innuendo,” Bobbiejo Briggs said. “And I feel suspension is probably a little too far. Why couldn’t they have them take their shirts off? Especially if it was the first offense instead of the second offense.”

The school defends their decision to suspend the students, saying that they warned the students of the consequences beforehand.

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Sources: MyFox 8, Fox 17


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