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School Suspends 6-Year-Old Boy for Pointing Finger like Gun

An unidentified first grade student at Roscoe R. Nix Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland, was suspended for making a gun gesture with his finger, pointing it at another student and saying "pow."

The boy was given a one-day suspension. A school conference on the incident is planned for today, reports

The boy's attorney Robin Ficker said: "What they're doing is looking at the worst possible interpretation of a young, naive 6-year-old. This is a little child who can't form the intent to do anything like that."

Assistant Principal Renee Garraway wrote a letter to the child's parents which said, in part: "Your son ... was involved in a serious incident. [He] threatened to shoot a student. He was spoken to earlier today about a similar incident."

However, Ficker said: "They won't say what the similar incident is. It just shows the overreaction. They could have called the mother in. They didn't do that. They just said, 'You're suspended.' Five years from now, when someone in to Montgomery County looks at his permanent record, they're going to see that he threatened to shoot another student."

Montgomery County Public Schools spokesman Dana Tofig said it was school policy not to comment on student disciplinary matters.


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