School Surprises Janitor With Money To Visit Family Overseas

Anderson County High School janitor Ricky Spaulding was ecstatic on Wednesday when staff members at the Kentucky school surprised him with $1,900 to visit his son stationed in Italy. 

The secret donations started earlier in the year when staff members heard that Spaulding had not seen his son in a year and had not even met his newborn grandson.

On Wednesday, a pep rally was planned as a cover for giving Spaulding the gift. He was called to the gym  to clean up a mess, but was surprised to find something different.

"They said they had a spill and of course that's my job so I went to clean the spill up," Spaulding said.

Instead of finding a mess, Spaulding found a trashcan full of cash, amounting to $1,900, handed to him by the students.

"Words can't describe the joy that I feel right now," Spaulding said.

Spaulding's wife, Lisa, called the money a miracle and noted that it will pay for the invaluable time the couple will spend with their son, daughter-in-law and new grandson.

The Spauldings plan to make their trip this upcoming winter.

Sources: LEX18, Today


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