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School Punishes Student For Saving Man's Life (Photo)

A high school basketball player was prohibited from playing in a game because he missed the team bus because he was busy saving someone's life.

The player, Lucas Patchen, is also a volunteer firefighter in Clayton, New York. On Feb. 11, he was called to help rescue a stranded fisherman from a drifting ice slab, reports the Daily Mail.

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Steve Rubyor, 35, was fishing when a slab of ice broke off from the main body in Lake Ontario's Chaumont Bay. He was on the ice for over an hour before Patchen and his fellow and the firefighters rescued him.

Following the heroics, Patchen drove himself to the basketball game and arrived before it started; however, he was not allowed to play because Thousand Islands High School rules stipulate that players not riding on a team bus must notify the coach and have a parent drive them to the game.

Patchen told local television station WWNY that he was unable to provide notification because of his emergency duty. "I showed him a picture that the LifeNet helicopter took of the boat and us out there and he proceeded to tell me that it was an administrative issue and it didn't have anything to do with him," he explained.

Michael Bashaw, Thousand Islands superintendent, defended the school's decision to suspend Patchen for the one game, but says he's willing to consider changing the rule.

Michael Patchen, the teen's father, aired his opinion on Facebook:

I'm going to vent a little on this one. Lucas Patchen goes to a fire call for an ice rescue this morning and missed the bus to Sandy Creek for a basketball game. So, he drives his car there, gets there long before the game only to be told by coach Lalonde that he can stay in his dress clothes and sit the bench because he missed the bus. Lucas told him why he was late for the bus, showed him a picture of the Lifenet helicopter and the coach says' that's not my problem'. Well coach, I'll be at your school to talk to your boss and we'll see why you chose to bench Lucas for trying to help save someone's life.

Sources: Daily Mail, WWNY / Photo Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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