School Pulls Pro-Transgender Display After Christian Mom Complains (Video)

A Christian mom reportedly complained about pro-transgender display on a bulletin board in Marshall High School in Michigan.

The school's Gay Straight Alliance put up the Transgender Day of Transparency display on the board to celebrate Transgender Visibility Day on March 31, but it was taken down by school authorities on Monday.

"This was surrounding a Facebook incident surrounding a mother that was very upset," Kate Samra, a senior at Marshall and president of the school's Gay Straight Alliance, told WWMT (video below).

"She thought it was inappropriate for the school setting and that it didn't exhibit Christian values," Samra added.

"I met with the principal of my school today and he said he felt like the situation needed to be diffused, so that's why he did take the board down," Samra explained.

However, Randy Davis, Marshall Public School Superintendent, claimed that the bulletin board was not taken down because of parent complaints, but due to a two-week display limit that expired last Friday.

Davis told the BattleCreek Enquirer that some parents, who opposed the display, spoke to school administrators on Monday afternoon. Davis claimed that he was told the display was removed before the meeting.

In response to the display being taken off the bulletin board, about 30 students gathered in support of the transgender community and spray-painted a school rock with the transgender symbol on Monday night.

Sources: WWMT, BattleCreek Enquirer
Image Credit: WWMT Screenshot


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