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School Principal Claims Kids Act Out Drug, Rape Scenes from 'Grand Theft Auto'

The principal at Coed-y-Brain Primary School in Llanbradach, Wales claims that some students, as young as six, are “initiating games that involve simulating rape and sexual intercourse” because of the video game Grand Theft Auto.

Teachers at the school asked the children, ages 6-11, what they were playing in the school yard, notes the South Wales Evening Post.

The kids reportedly told the teachers that they were doing scenes from the Grand Theft Auto V video game, which has sold more than 32 million copies around the world, but is labeled for users "Over 18."

According to the South Wales Argus, school principal Morian Morgan (pictured) recently sent a letter to parents about the “extremely concerning behavior” of students, which included a "detailed discussion of drug use."

However, none of the children were disciplined.

In his letter, Morgan also claims that children are “acting out scenes from the game which include the strongest of sexual swear words," “having conversations” about sexual acts and “play acting extremely violent games that sometimes result in actual injury."

“Until I went online and checked the content of this game, I thought it was just a bit of swearing and some shooting and I think some of the parents will tell you that they have been equally naive," added Morgan.

“It became more concerning because this newest version (GTA V was released in September last year) seems to be even more shocking than the previous games," wrote Morgan.

Sources: South Wales Argus and South Wales Evening Post


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