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School Principal Allegedly Forced Students To Walk For Hours As Punishment In Summer Heat

A North Carolina elementary school principal is under investigation after reportedly punishing students for not wearing their uniforms by making them walk outside for more than two hours.

Manchester Elementary School principal, Tammy Holland, is accused of ordering the discipline that is being likened to corporal punishment, reports the Fay Observer.

Unless students are participating in athletics, the school system prohibits forcing students to do physical activity as punishment.

"If there's an issue, then the issue needs to be dealt with," Superintendent Frank Till Jr. said.

The punishment was allegedly given to dozen of students because they did not wear their uniforms on the last day of school.

Parents claim teachers told the students they did not have to wear their uniform.

Fox 8 WGHP reports that the students were not given water during the more than two hour walk and that it occurred in the summer heat.

They were also reportedly denied breakfast when they arrived at school.

According to parents, they were made to walk on a dirt track until their parents brought them their uniform or took them home.

The students' walk ended only after the school system’s central office was notified about the situation.

Parents are enraged by the punishment that took place.

"I want her removed from that school so she can never make a mistake like that again," parent Laquitta Lockhart said of Holland.

Lockhart was notified by the school that she needed to bring her 5th grade daughter her uniform. She was not told her daughter would be forced to walk outside until she arrived, so she dropped her son off at school beforehand and stopped at a store to purchase gifts for her daughter’s teachers.

When Lockhart arrived at the school she says her daughter was panting and sweating.

"I said, 'Why are you so hot?'" Lockhart said. "'Why are you so sweaty?' She said, 'They made us walk because we didn't have our uniforms on. I've been walking since 7:50.'"

Roughly ten children were still walking when Lockhart arrived at the school.

"When I got out there, they had stopped under the tree because it was so hot," she said. "It would break your heart."

Calls for Holland to be fired immediately have been made by parents.

Superintendent Till has assigned Betty Musselwhite, the associate superintendent for school support services, to investigate the allegations against Holland. The investigation has been delayed because Musselwhite has to attend 10 graduations this week.

The investigation should be completed next week, according to Till.


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