School Police Officer Accused Of Beating Student Over Cell Phone (Video)

Cesar Suquet, a former student at South Houston High School in Texas, claims he was beaten by a school police officer with a metal baton in May 2014.

Suquet and his family filed a $1 million civil rights lawsuit against the Pasadena Independent School District  and the officer, Michael Y'Barbo, for a "brutal and excessive police beating," reports Houston Chronicle.

Suquet, who was 16 at the time, had his cellphone taken away at school. He went to the principal's office later in the day to get his phone back, but was denied it and escorted out by an assistant principal and Y'Barbo.

"I asked (Y'Barbo) why was he being such a (expletive) about it,'" Suquet told Channel 2 News (video below).

Suquet's lawsuit says Y'Barbo then hit him 18 times, even after the teen was on the ground.

The Pasadena ISD Police Department claimed in its internal affairs investigation that Suquet was behaving loudly and resisted when Y'Barbo tried to arrest him for disorderly conduct.

Some school employees claim Suquet was not physically aggressive. Pictures of Suquet taken by his parents show multiple cuts and bruises purportedly from the incident.

Sources: Channel 2 News, Houston Chronicle Image Credit: Channel 2 News Screenshot


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