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School Parents Threaten To Sue Mother For Telling Son Santa Claus Isn't Real


A California mother was threatened with a lawsuit by other parents after her son began telling fellow students that Santa Claus wasn’t real.

The mother took to Reddit to explain the incident.

“Last week my first grade son told a group of kids (best we can tell, Kindergarten through 4th grade) that Santa does not exist,” she wrote. "These know it all, PTA, suburban Stepford Wives are PISSED (the kids moms).

“Today via courier (not the mail), I received a rather threatening letter from a well-known, local, elite law firm threatening suit due to emotional damage, flagrant disregard to parental rights, and facilitating the loss of innocence of child wonderment. Yeah, seriously.”

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The mother went on to explain that the letter included the names of eight children who were “traumatized” by her son’s “negligent actions.” The parents demanded that her son stay away from their children.

The parents also demanded that the mother pay for a “Santa Experience” at one of their homes, where a hired Santa would hand out presents to the children at her expense and give them a Christmas experience. The purpose of the experience would be to “reverse the damage” caused and “re-spark the child like wonderment that surrounds the holidays.”

“As a single mom, I really do not have the cash on hand to hire a lawyer," the mother wrote. "I am tempted to take this to the school principal for assistance … any advice here would be appreciated."

The mother’s story quickly went viral, with many Redditors offering to help spread the word about the situation and help in any way they could.

“Im in NorCal but we have an LA office, I'd be happy to do this pro bono,” one Redditor wrote.

Do you think the parents were justified in threatening a lawsuit? 

Sources: Daily Mail, Reddit / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons,


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