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School Officials Suspend Boy With Cancer Who Was Beaten Up And Left Unconscious

A New Jersey mother says she’s had enough after her cancer-stricken son was allegedly maliciously bullied by his high school classmates.

Julia Morales’ son is the new kid in school at Becton Regional High School in East Rutherford, New Jersey, where classmates have taken to calling him “Cancer Boy” and other names, My9NJ reported.

The mother said her son was badly beaten by another student and that a teacher found him unconscious on a bathroom floor. She said her son was then suspended for three days because of the fight.

“And that's when I told the principal, what do you want me to do?” Morales cried. “What kind of evidence do you want me to show? There's no one coming forward for him.”

There is an alleged video of the incident, but it has not surfaced. Still, Morales and her attorney, Pat Gesualdo, are determined to get justice for the boy.

"I summarize it as evil, and horrible against these kids, and she doesn't want money — nobody wants money, we just want justice," Gesualdo said. "Look what they've done. We can prove every fact that we've said and it's all in black and white."

Several people took to Reddit to express their disdain for the school’s administration.

“Criminal investigations against the entire administration seem warranted,” wrote one user. “To facilitate this kind of abuse and then attempt to punish him for it is beyond reprehensible. They need to do time for this.”

Other users criticized the “zero tolerance” policy and offered an alternative to dealing with bullying.

“Once 'zero tolerance' happened, it gave way too much power to bullies to be able to destroy not only the physical form of their opponent but their academic form as well,” wrote another user. “The only solution if being bullied: Fight back for blood and maiming. You'll get same time of suspension and if done right leave the other kid thinking really hard about it. Either that or sue the ever living **** out of the school for letting bullies attempt murder on your child who is battling cancer.”

Morales says she reached out to the governor about the incident in December. She says she got a response claiming that the office would look into it but has yet to hear anything new.

Sources: My9NJ, Reddit

Photo Credit: Life Of An Architect


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