Texas School Official Looks to Stop Gay Student Club 'Threat'


O.K., I know there are a lot of people who don't like gays. They believe gays are a dire threat to America, more than so than even Al Qaeda. These people believe that if America does not continue to treat gay Americans as second class citizens in all areas of life, than some being who cannot be seen or observed in anyway, will condemn America for not being enough jerks to them.

In fact, there is a major political party (and I am not talking Democrats) that is basically controlled by these people. Of course not all Republicans are like this, but there is a reason why the GOP is also called, God's own party.

In Flour Bluff, TX (which is a part of the city Corpus Christi) the school superintendent, Julie Carbajal, has ended all extra curricular clubs because she did not want a Gay-Straight Alliance club set up in any schools within that district. Under the law, any school that receives federal funding must have "fair opportunities for students to form student-led extracurricular groups, regardless of their religious, political and philosophical leanings."

So, the only legal way for Carbajal to exercise her hostility against gays and homosexuality, was to end any extra curricular clubs. I have listened to religious right radio and callers who were angry that gays and atheists have the ability to exercise their rights to form clubs in schools, just like any other group.

No gay, or atheist, is opposing the rights of Christian students to form their own clubs, but I see time and time again, opposition to the rights of gays and atheists to form such clubs. So, Carbajal is staying within the spirit of the law, but only to ensure her own bigotry. She would rather have no clubs, and no Gay-Straight Alliance, than have clubs with Christian themes, although she probably strongly supports such clubs.

I wish for Christians to exercise their rights to form student clubs. I think they should have the ability to do so, but a school superintendent would rather not have them exercise those rights, if gays can come out of the closet and into a meeting room.


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