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Report: Arizona High School Bans Clothing With American Flags At Football Game

Conflicting reports are circulating about whether a Tempe, Arizona, high school banned its students from wearing clothing bearing the American flag or Donald Trump images to a football game scheduled for Oct. 23.

Corona del Sol High School allegedly issued the order for a game against Marcos de Niza, TheBlaze reported.

The report was based on an editorial in the school’s newspaper. The link to the editorial was deleted, but a screenshot of the alleged piece was circulated on Twitter.

“It is the unfortunate truth that if you wear red, white or blue to the game you will not be admitted to the stadium,” the editorial read, according to the Blaze. “This is a fact.”

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(Alleged editorial that was deleted from high school newspaper but circulated on Twitter. Photo Credit: CdS Sunrise via TheBlaze)

The school reportedly sent letters home with their students to remind them that the theme of the game was orange, the school’s color, according to KTAR. But they maintain that no ban was imposed.

“There is no ban on colors or flags or Mr. Trump or any other signs of patriotism,” said Jill Hanks, executive director of community relations for Tempe United school district, Reason reported.

She added that the editorial’s reference to a ban was written in error and had been removed from the website.

Someone asked the newspaper’s staff on Twitter what should not be worn to the game.

“[A]nything perceived to be offensive/racist: green, USA flags, Trump, etc. It’s not the clothing but the intent behind it,” they replied, according to TheBlaze.

Shortly afterwards, the tweet was deleted.

Sources: Reason, TheBlaze, KTAR / Photo credit: CdS Sunrise, Stephen Dunn/Allsport via TheBlaze


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