CA School Officer Beat Teen With Cerebral Palsy In Surveillance Footage (Video)

A special needs student in a wheelchair was assaulted by a school resource officer, and now, the guard is facing a felony charge.

According to reports, 17-year-old Francisco Martinez, who has Cerebral Palsy, and some other students were still lingering in the hallway at their Oakland, California high school when school officer Marchell Mitchell told them to get to class. After multiple failed attempts, Mitchell became frustrated and pushed Martinez’s wheelchair towards class.

When Martinez attempted to push him away, Mitchell handcuffed him to his chair. Martinez, at that point, couldn’t use his hands, so he spit on the Mitchell. That set the 23-year-old guard off, and that’s when he proceeded to slap Martinez, grab his chair, and hurl him onto the ground.

"He slapped me,” alleged Martinez. “He hit me so hard, it threw me out of my chair. I hit the floor with my chin first. I had a scar right here [chin].”

The incident was caught on surveillance cameras, but Martinez says that there is more than what the camera caught. Martinez alleges that Mitchell proceeded to beat him and throw him in an elevator.

Following the assault, Mitchell was fired from his substitute resource officer job and is now facing a felony corporal injury to a child charge. Mitchell reportedly has no previous arrests or convictions, and the school says they are taking a look at training procedures for officers.


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