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School Offers No Homework Week for $100 Donation, Parents Furious (Video)

Richard Henry Lee Elementary School in Los Alamitos, Calif., recently offered parents a "homework buyout."

For a $100 donation to the school's Project Leap, parents could get their kids out of homework assignments for one week. The money was intended to help classrooms, but some parents are outraged.

"I'm furious because I don't have $100, first of all, to give to the school," an anonymous mother of a 4th grader told KABC (video below).

"I feel bad for my son because he was like, 'Mom, can we do it?' and I'm like, 'I'm not going to let a teacher or a school bribe my kid and teach him the wrong thing.' It's not morally correct to say, 'Hey give $100 and you don't have to do your work,'" added the mom.

The Los Alamitos Unified School District claimed it had never heard of the "homework buyout," but said the program was going to end.

"We love our fundraising groups and have amazingly supportive parents but we absolutely cannot raise money by having parents pay for having no homework for their specific student," School District superintendent Sherry Kroppof said in a statement.

According to, parents who donated $100 will get their money back.

Sources: KABC, / Image Credit: Moonsun1981


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