School Loses 4-Year-Old on First Day of Pre-K

The first day of class is always chaotic, but parents can still reasonably expect teachers not to lose their children. Or so we thought.

One school failed mother Angela Maldano, however, who could not locate her little one when she came to pick him from his inaugural day in pre-kindergarten.

According to Babble.com, Maldano had sent her son Daren, age 4, to School 23 in Yonkers, New York. It was the first day of school in his life, already a momentous event. But when his mother returned in the afternoon, the school had no idea of Daren’s whereabouts. In fact, the boy’s teacher said that she wasn’t aware of any student named Daren in her class.

The mother worked with school officials for two hours to attempt to locate the missing boy, reportedly struggling for assistance from unhelpful staff. Said parent Yesenia Morales, who has a daughter in Daren’s class, "No one really wanted to help her ... they were saying he probably ran off."

The school urged Maldano to contact the police, denying responsibility for the boy or the situation.

Finally, someone figured out that Daren was mistakenly put on a school bus. When nobody appeared at any stop to pick him up, he was taken to a Board of Education office. The family was reunited at about 6 p.m., reports CafeMom.

While disturbing, this is hardly the first time a school has lost track of a student. Jace Bowman, a first-grader in Parker, Colo., was lost for the second time yesterday when he wandered away in an attempt to go home. He traveled a full mile before he was found.

Like Daren’s mother, the parents reportedly received little help from school workers. Said mother Keli Bowman, “‘We can’t find him.’ That’s the response I got. No sense of urgency. It was like I had lost a purse, not a child.” 

The first time the 6-year-old got lost, he boarded the wrong bus in a similar situation to Daren’s.  

Said father Bronson Bowman, “People need to be more aware of what’s going on in these schools, because it doesn’t just affect our child, it affects every child.”

Sources: Babble.com, CafeMom, CBS Denver


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