School Librarian Marisa Anton Busted in Elaborate Sex Sting

Marisa Anton, a 33-year-old librarian at New Rochelle High School in New York, was arrested last year for aggressively pursuing a 16-year-old student.

Once the teen began to feel pressured by Anton, he called the police and then began cooperating with authorities to set up a sting operation.

Anton went to the 16-year-old's residence expecting to engage in sexual intercourse after sending multiple explicit text messages, describing exactly what she wanted to do to the young boy. However, when she arrived at the home, she was met by police officers lying in wait. According to police, Anton burst into tears as she realized she was being arrested.

Anton, who is said to have a fiancé, resigned from her position as a librarian in August and plead guilty last month to endangering the welfare of a child. She is expected to be sentenced Feb. 26 to three years of probation.

Additional statements obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that Anton previously showed up at the teen's home, pushed him down onto the bed and asked him, "Is this what you want?" as she pulled down his sweatpants. Later the same day, Anton sent explicit picture messages via her cell phone to the teen. The pictures were two graphic photos exposing her bare breasts with a message begging him to come over to her house.

When asked about the incident, the teen said, “I thought she wanted to give me oral sex and maybe have intercourse. I didn’t want to so I pushed her off me.”

In fact, the teen was so worried about being pursued by the librarian, he immediately went to the police. Investigators say that an official investigation was launched on May 27, 2012, after one student claimed the teen had been exchanging sexually explicit text messages, picture messages and emails with Anton.

In April 2012, Anton and the boy made plans to meet off of school grounds to have sex, according to what the teen told police. Anton then invited him to come to her home.

“She offered several times to come to my house and pick me up and bring me to her home,” the official statement says. “I never went because I was too nervous.”

After failing to take Anton up on her offer to have sex, she became angry and stormed out of his home. “She seemed very offended and left immediately,” the student told police. “Later that day she texted me and told me she wasn't offended.”

Anton was finally arrested on May 30, arriving at the boy’s home after he requested she buy condoms.

Source: New York Daily News


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