School Kids: 'Pledge Allegiance To International Flag'


Kindergarten students in New York City recently created an American flag that included smaller versions of 22 flags of other nations.

The public school kids of PS75 wrote below the flag: "We pledge allegiance to an International Flag," noted "The Sean Hannity Show" website.

The flag is up for auction at, but the image and description were removed from the site.

"The Sean Hannity Show" website, which criticized the flag, stated that the description on the auction site read: "The students made a beautifully painted stretched canvas American Flag and then applied flags from all the Spanish speaking countries onto the stripes of the American flag. All the children chose a flag to color using colored pencils and they were glued onto the larger American flag. The stars are cut canvas which are painted and decorated with REAL Swarovski Crystals (gold and crystal colored)!

"The fun quote on the bottom is about unity and creating an environment in which everyone is welcome! 'We pledge allegiance to an International Flag!' Our dual language classroom strives to be a place that everyone feels welcome!"

"The Sean Hannity Show" story was re-posted by, where readers had negative reactions:

"Pull your kids out of these indoctrination camps," one reader commented.

"As a teacher and parent, this isn't even shocking anymore, and that's pretty shocking," another said. "The thing that really shocks me is that they got one of these students to actually spell, because that's a great feat these days."

"Public schools have always indoctrinated kids," another wrote. "When kids are forcefully required to go to school, and taxes are collected to provide school bus rides from homes to schools, you know it is forced indoctrination. This has been going on for a very long time. It is a Nazi idea, hence the German word, Kindergarten. In fact, it seems most of our nation has become run on Nazi doctrine."

According to the PS75 PTA website, there is an online auction and a live auction: "Donations, Bidding and Live Auction attendance are critically important to our success and support of so many great programs like Audubon Society, Studio in a School, Wellness in the Schools, chess study with national masters, ballroom dancing, Young Peoples Chorus and Symphony's Space Global arts program, NY Historical Society history program, music field trips, library books and so much more!"

Sources: The Sean Hannity Show,, / Photo credit: The Sean Hannity Show

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