School Makes 9-Year-Old Wear Sweater On Hot Day Because Of Dress Code Violation

A California mom is outraged after she says her 9-year-old daughter was made to wear a sweater in the heat because her tank top violated the school’s dress code.

Shelly Sandoval says her daughter came home from Sheridan Elementary in Orange Cove, California, one day red-faced, puffy and sweaty in the 105-degree weather.

“She pretty much ran through the door saying her head hurt, she was dizzy, really nauseous,” Sandoval said.

Sandoval’s daughter Emma said her teacher forced her to wear a sweater the entire day at school because her tank top violated the school’s dress code policy.

“(The teacher) had addressed the class before she told my daughter, 'Everybody, it's going to be a hot day. It's going to be 105. Please, everybody, take your sweaters off,’” Sandoval explained. “As soon as that announcement was over, she singled out my daughter and said, 'Let me see how many fingers your straps are.’”

Emma told her mother she was afraid to take the sweater off because she didn’t want to get in trouble, so she even wore it outside during gym class. Kings Canyon Unified School District Superintendent Juan Garza told YourCentralValley.com he was aware of the situation and that after investigating, the teacher ultimately denied the allegations against her.

Sandoval says the district has offered her a parent-teacher conference to solve the issue, but the mother refuses, saying she wants more than an apology. Sandoval says that if the teacher had an issue with what her daughter was wearing, she could have called home.

“I mean — call. That's all they have to do,” Sandoval said. “I would have walked to her school. It's right there.”

According to SafeKids.org, a child’s body heats up three to five times faster than that of an adult, making it more important for children to not get overheated due to the risk of a heat stroke.

Sources: YourCentralValley.com, SafeKids.org

Photo Source: Screenshot via YourCentralValley.com


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