School to Fingerprint Students to Monitor Diets


Students at the Redhill School in Stourbridge, England, will have their fingerprints taken so that the school can monitor their diets.

Students will have to press their fingers against a high-tech gadget that will convert their prints into biometric data, noted

The biometric data will be used to identify each child's account at the 1,200-student school.

School principal Stephen Dunster stated in a letter to parents last month: "We are aiming to have a cashless system throughout the school. The catering system is better for parents because they don’t have to provide children with lunch money every morning. We don’t hold fingerprints on file. This is about using technology to benefit our pupils and parents.”

"From our perspective it is far more efficient as it reduces waiting times. We will also be able to monitor what children are buying to make sure they are eating a healthy diet,” added Dunster.

The lunch fingerprint program with start in November, but parents can opt out of having their children's prints taken.

According to KIRO TV, the Puyallup School District in Washington State announced plans in 2013 to install technology that "would allow students to pay for their lunch with a wave of a hand" in all 32 schools in the district.

Those scanners look for vein patterns in the palms of students. However, those students had the option of opting out of the scan.

Sources:, KIRO TV (Image Credit: David Shankbone)


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