School Employees Claim They Were Fired Because They Weren't Hispanic


Bernice Marshall, who is African-American, and Edmund Treadway, who is white, have filed a lawsuit against the Perth Amboy School District in New Jersey.

Marshall and Treadway claim they were fired for not being Hispanic.

Marshall used to be the manager of human resources, while Treadway managed transportation.

"No one's paying attention to the kids," Marshall told "It's about who's getting hired, who needs to be hired. They're paying attention to controlling the jobs in the district. They could care less about curriculum and instruction."

Derlys Gutierrez, the lawyer for the Perth Amboy School District, countered, "The district did not discriminate against either one of those individuals, and those allegations are not true."

Fox News Latino reports the Perth Amboy School District is 78 percent Hispanic. Additionally, most of the school board members are Hispanic and traveled to Puerto Rico in 2013 to hire bilingual teachers.

Samuel Lebreault, a school board member, said that Marshall's replacement is non-Hispanic, but Marshall states in the lawsuit that the school district originally offered her job to two Hispanic candidates who both refused it.

"I honestly don't see us engaging in those practices," Lebreault added. "Because it just hasn't happened."

School board member Bill Ortiz questioned the firing of Marshall and thinks she has a good lawsuit.

"I believe that a lot of the actions that they are trying to put in place, it is not for the better education of the children of Perth Amboy," stated school board member Maria Garci. "It's more for bringing jobs for people and that is not what we are supposed to do."

Sources:, Fox News Latino


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