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School Drops Sexual Harassment From 6-Year-Old Hunter Yelton's Record Following Public Outrage

Remember the 6-year-old boy who was suspended from school for innocently kissing a female classmate on the hand? After Opposing Views reported on the incident just a couple of days ago, the story spread through the media like wildfire.

People all over appeared to be outraged that a boy as young as Hunter Yelton could have something like sexual harassment placed on his permanent school record for doing something that so many young children do.

Internet user David Conlin commented on a Metro article: “I truly thought this was one of those joke articles, then I realised [sic] the only joke is the school. For the first time in my life, I’m lost for words at such stupidity.”

It should come as no surprise that people even tried to blame it on President Obama. Wall Street Journal writer James Taranto published an article just yesterday calling 6-year-old Yelton the “littlest casualty in the way on men” and went on to describe how President Obama is to blame for all of this, saying that the “buffoons” in the school district are “following orders from Washington.”

With all of the anger that this story brought about, it was just a matter of time before the Colorado school that suspended Yelton for the alleged “sexual harassment” started damage control, and just two days after Opposing Views’ initial report, the school has apparently had a change of heart.

According to a CNN report, the Canon City Schools Superintendent Robin Goody met with Hunter Yelton’s parents last night, after an intense few days of harsh media scrutiny and negative publicity, to tell them that they would be changing the boy’s record to “misconduct” from “sexual harassment.”

This news should make many people around the world happy, but the mother of the young girl that was kissed by Yelton isn’t thrilled. She says that her daughter didn’t want the boy kissing her and that the multiple attempts to do so without her permission caused her daughter distress.

“I’ve had to coach her about what to do when you don’t want someone touching you, but they won't stop,” said Jade Masters-Ownbey, mother of the young girl kissed by Yelton.

Even though Yelton will not have to continue school with the words “sexual harassment” hanging over his head, the story has sparked a much larger debate regarding the standards of discipline in American schools. 


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