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School District Pays Company $40K to Spy on Students Online

While most schools in California are barely scraping by, the Glendale Unified School District is spending $40,000 to follow its students on social media networks.

The school district, which is located in Los Angeles County, paid the big bucks to Geo Listening to snoop on 13,000 middle-school and high-school students.

The Glendale Unified School District claims it is trying to prevent law-breaking and bullying outside of classes and off school grounds.

Geo Listening defends its snooping of minors on its website: "The students we can help are already asking for you. All of the individual posts we monitor on social media networks are already made public by the students themselves. Therefore, no privacy is violated."

Fortunately, the students can hide their posts under private settings.

"People are always looking to see what we're doing to ensure that their kids are safe. This just gives us another opportunity to ensure the kids are safe at all times," Glendale Unified School District Supt. Dick Sheehan told Glendale News-Press.

However, the parents have not requested that the school district spy on their kids online. Also, the safety of chldren is legally the parent's responsiblity.

Glendale School Board Member Christine Walters added: "Similar to other safety measures we employ at our schools, we want to identify when our students are engaged in harmful behavior."

But this "safety measure" is not being employed at schools, but rather on the Internet.

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