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School District Bans Parents From Walking Their Children Into Building

A parent walking a child to school was seen as a security measure for decades, but now it's no longer allowed at many North Texas public schools.

The Hurst-Euless-Bedford (HEB) Independent School District will allow parents to walk their kids inside school for only the first week, notes CBS Dallas-Fort Worth.

Enhanced security measures at public schools include banning parents from walking their own children to classrooms, after the first week of school.

“It’s very busy on a campus first thing in the morning, dropping off kids arriving for the day. So, being able to know who’s in the building, who’s in front, who’s deeper into the building, is very important in keeping our kids safe," district spokesperson Judy Ramos told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth.

However, Ramos did not explain why the school district was allowing parents to walk their kids during the first week, if the practice truly places the children in potential danger.

 “It don’t surprise me a bit. All the security going around, all the things going on, it doesn’t surprise me at all," said one parent.

Source: CBS Dallas-Fort Worth


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