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School Crossing Guard Scott Becker Carries Handgun Around Children (Video)

School crossing guard, Scott Becker, has been bringing a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson handgun to work in Bethlehem, Pa. The gun is on display as Becker assists children crossing the street (video below).

An unidentified person took a picture of Becker with his gun and recently posted it on Facebook. This led to public outcry and Becker's boss asking him to stop carrying the handgun Monday.

“Usually I have it on me, but he asked this morning to take it off while crossing the kids, and I have no problem with it,” Becker told WPVI-TV. “I don’t want to cause grief for anybody. I’m not out to be the monster or anything. I’m just out to do my job.”

Police in Bethlehem are concerned and plan to investigate, but Becker claims he has a gun permit.

“That way I would be here as the first person to respond,” Becker said . “I would be here right away before someone else could respond.”

Becker co-owns a laundromat and will continue to wear his gun there.

“I have a business to take care of, too, so I want to work with that and protect myself,” he said.

Source: WPVI-TV


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