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School Counselor Caught On Camera Kicking First Grader (Video)

A counselor at a Las Vegas elementary school was terminated from her position and could face battery charges after she was caught on school surveillance cameras kicking a first grade special education student (video below).

The police report notes that the incident occurred in December 2016 at Pittman Elementary School, when 7-year-old Jaiden Blue, who has severe ADHD, dashed out of the classroom toward the principal's office, according to KVVU.

The video shows Jaiden running down the hall, while a woman believed to be licensed counselor Pamela Smith, a contract worker with Clark County School District (CCSD), chases after him.

Once she catches up to him, she grabs him by the collar and tries to hold him between her legs, dragging him on the floor. While he is standing upright, he kicks her.

She kicks him back. This happens multiple times.

"There were several witnesses that said [Smith] said she is going to do what [Jaiden] did to her," Jaiden’s mother, Hattie Blue, told KVVU. "It was intentional."

Smith first told police that she did not kick Jaiden, but later retracted her statement, saying instead that she was attempting to sweep the child's legs from under him, as he she could more easily subdue him on the ground. She also told them that she had seen other faculty members do the same thing.

"It seems like CCSD is hiring anyone to fill space in these schools," Hattie said.

And why did Jaiden bolt out of the classroom?

"It was boring," the first grader said of his class that day.

The school told KVVU in a statement that Smith, who worked for CCSD since March 2016, was removed from her position on the day that the incident took place and has not been back to work at a school in the district since then. School police investigated the altercation and referred the case to the District Attorney's office.

According to Hattie, her son has transferred to a new location in the district, and the family is taking legal action for the incident.

The penalty for willful child abuse with no substantial bodily or mental harm is one to six years in prison for first time offenders, notes the Las Vegas Defense Group.

The school told KVVU that all staff members must pass a background check, both locally and with the FBI, before being cleared to work in the district.

Sources: KVVU, Las Vegas Defense GroupKVVU via YouTube / Photo Credit: Steven Brewer/Flickr

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