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Report: School Cop Uses Chokehold, Taser On Students (Video)

Video (below) has surfaced of a school resource officer reportedly using a stun gun and a chokehold on students at a high school in Churchill, Pennsylvania.

Attorney Todd Hollis released surveillance video on May 2 of school resource Officer Steve Shaulis pulling student Que'Chawn Wade into an office at Woodland Hills High School during a confrontation in April that allegedly ended with Shaulis knocking out the 14-year-old student's tooth, notes the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Que'Chawn was taken to a hospital where he had to have his tooth sewn back in. The student was charged with resisting arrest. His case is still pending.

"Too much has happened at Woodland Hills High School in the past six months for this to be ignored," Hollis told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in April.

According to Hollis, Que'Chawn was questioned about a missing cellphone by Shaulis, who told him the matter "would end up in court."

Hollis said Que'Chawn left the school office, and walked into a hallway where Shaulis followed him and used a derogatory term.

Hollis said the boy "responded in kind," and Shaulis pulled Que'Chawn back into the office, threw the boy against a wall, knocked him down, and hit him several times before placing handcuffs on him.

Hollis said Que'Chawn will need four more surgeries for his injuries.

Hollis also released a video from a March 2015 incident in which Shaulis put a former student in a chokehold, and took the student to a back office where principal Kevin Murray allegedly held the boy on the ground while Shaulis used a stun gun on the teen.

According to Hollis, the student was acquitted on a charge of resisting arrest, but was put on probation for a disorderly conduct charge.

The Allegheny County District Attorney’s office is investigating whether Shaulis used excessive force in the April incident; the FBI will be privy to the results of the investigation.

District attorney spokesman Mike Manko offered a statement in an email to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

As we have previously stated, we are working with other agencies, both state and federal, to determine what if any crimes have been committed and which venue best addresses the issues presented. The investigation is ongoing and, when appropriate, we will comment further.

Murray was put on paid leave in December 2016, but was reinstated in January 2017. The school board appointed him the head high school football coach in March.

"Principal Murray has nothing but love and admiration and respect for the over 10,000 children he has seen go through the Woodland Hills School District doors and become productive members of our society," said Murray's lawyer, Phil DiLucente. "However, he will not tolerate misbehavior."

DiLucente, who is also representing Shaulis, said his client is still on duty, but not at the school during the ongoing investigation.

2017 Incident

2015 Incident

Sources: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (2) / Photo credit: Reeseflynn/Wikimedia Commons

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