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School Cop Handcuffed 8-Year-Old Boy (Video)

An 8-year-old boy was handcuffed by a school resource officer at Brookdale Elementary in Parkland, Washington, on Feb. 27 (video below).

"It was like 11:15-ish that I get a call," Amanda Bullinger, the boy's mother, told KING. "It was from the principal. She said she had Ayden in the office, and he had an altercation at recess."

According to Bullinger, the incident happened on the school playground after her son has been bullied for several months. Additionally, Ayden has sensory processing disorder, which leads to emotional meltdowns in intense situations.

Bullinger recalled what happened when she arrived at the school:

I get there and I see a police car in the parking lot, and I was like, "Oh this can't be good." I go into the office, and Ayden is sitting in a chair, handcuffed behind his back, and another hand of the police officer is completely holding him down like this. And Ayden is bright red crying, freaking out.

Ayden has been suspended since the incident, but it's not known how long the suspension will last.

"It really is one of those options of last resort, if you will," said Willie Painter, a spokesman for Franklin-Pierce Schools.

A police report alleged that the youngster shouted, "I'm going to kill him" at another boy, and got physical.

"The use of restraint is something that is truly only done when no other feasible options exist," Painter added.

"He is an 8-year-old," Bullinger countered. "There could have been other options."

In another school incident, a police officer  used a stun gun on a 16-year-old boy who was running out of Walter G. O’Connell Copiague High School in Copiague, New York, on March 1 notes WCBS.

A wild video of the incident was filmed by another student, John Collado, and went viral. The boy was suspected of having hidden marijuana in his sock.

"He walked 5 feet outside, turned around and stood there," Collado told WCBS. "The officer said, 'Get down,' didn’t even give him a second to get down, and tased him right away."

According to police, the student smelled of marijuana, officers tried to arrest him, but he allegedly hit one of the officers and ran off.

In the video, the teen turned to face the officer while he was using the stun gun.

A Suffolk County police spokesperson issued a statement:

The officer again gave verbal command for the suspect to stop. He did not, and the officer deployed his Taser one time. There appears to be nothing improper about the use here. It will certainly be reviewed, as any use of force is reviewed, but at this time, it looks that everything was done appropriately.

The boy has been charged with harassment, resisting arrest and criminal possession of marijuana.

"It’s a 16-year-old boy," Collado added. "He was unarmed. I don’t know, if you can’t take him down by yourself, I don’t know why you’re in the line of work."

Sources: KING, WCBS / Photo credit: Klaus with K/Wikimedia Commons

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