School Bus Fight Leads To Suspensions, Criminal Charges, And A Termination (Video)


Punishments have been handed down to a bus driver, students, and even a parent after a fight broke out on a Christian County, Kentucky school bus last week. Video of the fight was recorded by the brother of one of the girls involved.

The footage, which has no audio, shows two girls in a seemingly heated exchange when one girl lunges at the other. A scuffle ensues in which the girls punch, kick and shove each other for almost two minutes. According to the Kentucky New Era, the mother of one of the girls was on the bus and encouraged the fight to happen.

At one point, a voice on the bus says, “I told you that (expletive), we’re not doing this. If you’re going to do something, handle your business and let’s go.” It’s suspected that those words were spoken by the mother who encouraged the fight.

Here’s the footage:

School officials report that the driver of the bus has been fired for failing to intervene. Kayla Stabley, one of the students involved in the fight, has been suspended. Her brother, who recorded the footage, is suspended too. It is not known if the girl in the gray sweater who initiated the scuffle has been suspended as well.

Melanie Stabley, Kayla’s mother, is frustrated by the school’s handling of the incident. She claims Kayla was fighting in self-defense and doesn’t deserve to be suspended. Her son has been barred from riding the bus for the rest of the year for allegedly endangering students when he climbed onto a seat to film the fight.

The Christian County Sheriff’s Department reports that two criminal charges have been filed against Kathleen Prince, the mother aboard the bus during the fight. She has been charged with third degree unlawful transaction with a minor for allegedly encouraging the fight, and fourth degree assault for allegedly pushing a student who tried to stop the fight.

Sources: Kentucky New Era, YouTube


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