School Bus Driver Suspended After Allegedly Hitting Child With Pamphlet


School bus driver Robert H. Braid was arrested Tuesday morning after he allegedly hit an elementary school child with a bus route pamphlet.

Principal Jacquie Ward said the school took immediate action when the child’s mother reported the incident, and requested surveillance video from the bus company First Student.

The school did not release the name or age of the child, citing protection of identity under the Family Educational Privacy Act.

“We did see the bus driver strike the student across the face with papers that were in his hand and immediately we called law enforcement,” Ward said.

Police were called to view the tape, as well as parents, who were outraged by the event.

“They were in shock yesterday for sure,” Ward said.

Braid was released on a summons and has been suspended pending the outcome of the police investigation.

Sources: KOMU, Columbia Tribune


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