School Bus Driver Punched In The Face For Not Letting Kids Off Bus (Video)


A back to school meltdown occurred in Worcester, Mass., this week when a bus driver refused to let children off of the bus and a group of waiting parents grew angry and anxious.

The incident occurred around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

The bus driver allegedly told police that she was letting kindergarteners get off the bus first when parents waiting outside grew impatient.

The driver apparently felt threatened. School officials told CBS Boston that dispatch instructed the driver to then close the door until police arrived.

“We felt like she was you know holding them hostage,” Marilyn Poske, a parent said, “and there was no reason for it.

At one point a 16-year-old boarded the bus and punched the driver in the face. The teen is now facing a charge of assault and battery, police said.

When police arrived on the scene, Poske can be heard in the video telling them to arrest the driver.

“You’re fired,” she shouts at the driver. “Have your last day.”

The bus service says it is protocol for the younger children to get off the bus first and be matched with their parents before other students can leave.

Parent Luis Rivera says he received a letter recently stating that policy and that the bus driver was only doing her job.

“She has a protocol that she has to let off the kindergarten kids first, and then the bigger kids get off,” Rivera said. “She wasn’t going to let any kids out until the parents at least calmed down so she could do her job and they weren’t allowing her to do that.”

Poske admitted that other parents who didn’t know the protocol might have overreacted but she says the bus driver did as well.

“There was so many children on the bus and they were screaming that they were hot, that they couldn’t breathe,” Poske said.

The driver was treated and released from a local hospital. She was back on the job but on a different route on Friday.

Sources: CBS Boston, Daily Mail

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Bill McChesney


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