School Bus Driver Fired For Warming Up Kids In Her Car During Freezing Weather


They say no good deed goes unpunished. Former school bus driver Kendra Lindon knows this truth as well as anyone.

Lindon was fired from her job after she picked up children from their bus stops in her car on a -37 degree morning when her bus wouldn’t start.

“They would have been out in that cold for 20 minutes, so that’s the decision I made,” she said.

Lindon never planned to drive the children to school. She only kept the children warm in her car while a backup bus arrived. But a concerned parent contacted First Student Canada school and told administrators they’d seen students pile into Lindon’s personal car. That afternoon, Lindon was called into a meeting at the school.

“They told me, ‘you were picking up kids in your personal vehicle’ and that was it,” Lindon said.

She was fired that evening in accordance with school policy. First Student released a brief statement on her firing.

“While it is against company policy to discuss personnel matters, First Student has an unwavering dedication to the safety and security of the students we transport to and from school each day,” the statement said.

A number of parents have contacted the school expressing outrage over Lindon’s firing. Several of them are demanding the school re-hire the beloved bus driver.

“Terminating her employment is a gross injustice considering the circumstances,” parent Tonya Yarmchuk said. “Exceptional circumstances require exceptional measures. As a parent of children transported on Kendra’s route, I commend her for her dedication to the well being of these kids.”

Another parent echoed Yarmchuk’s sentiments.

“I think it is ludicrous she was fired for a safety violation when she was in fact trying to keep the kids safe in such extreme weather,” Alison Stutz said.

13 parents in total have penned a letter to First Student protesting Lindon’s firing.

Sources: Calgary Sun, Huffington Post


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