School Bus Driver Fired And Arrested For Adult Activities On Board (Video)


A school bus driver in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been fired and arrested for misdemeanor disorderly conduct for allegedly engaging in some adult activities on board while off duty (video below).

Though no students were on the bus at the time, an unidentified local woman spotted the male bus driver and a woman getting naked together.

"When he starts unbuckling his pants, I told my son to bring me my phone," the woman told Fox 6 News. "I came to the door and started recording in my doorway."

"I see the girl pull her pants down, and he starts unbuckling his pants," she added. "On a school bus? Where y’all kids have to get on this bus?"

She eventually approached the bus.

"I walked the phone back toward the front of the bus, and [the bus driver] jumped in the driver seat and pulled off," she said. "The lady stayed on the bus with him."

Prostitution is reportedly a major issue in the neighborhood.

"I feel my kids and other people's kids shouldn’t have to see this,” the woman said.

Community leader Russell Stamper was stunned by the allegations.

"My first reaction was: 'Are you kidding me?'" he said. 

However, he’s glad the woman stepped up.

"Do not tolerate this type of behavior in your neighborhood, in the street, nowhere," Stamper said. "It's not acceptable anymore in this district."

Police said the silver lining in this incident is that it means their drive to break up brothels in the area might have been successful enough to force the 45-year-old bus driver to use his vehicle.

Sources: Fox 6 News (2) Photo credit: Fox 6 News


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