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School Bus Driver Caught On Video Allegedly Slapping 8-Year-Old Autistic Boy

Cathy Goetz, 43, a bus driver for Ashland City Schools, was caught on camera slapping an 8-year-old boy who suffers from autism.

Goetz has been charged with misdemeanor charges of child endangering, assault, and menacing, reports ABC 5.  

She has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

In the video, recorded on January 17, Goetz is shown reaching back and slapping the boy who had been screaming and kicking his feet.

"That is enough... stop it,” Goetz yelled, just before the slap occurred.

Goetz then stopped the bus and approached the boy.

An officer wrote in the police report, "It appears to me that as she grabs him, he is pulling back from her and she gets a hold of him by the collar and is over the top of him, pressing him into the seat."

The 8-year-old responded to Goetz’s attack by threatening her, reports The Blaze.

Goetz told police who escorted the boy off the bus after they arrived following a 911 call from her dispatcher that the boy had threatened her, hit and kicked her, but she did not confess to slapping the boy or grabbing him around the collar.

It was only after police reviewed the video that charges were made against Goetz.

Goetz claims she does not remember slapping the boy, and that she did not know he was autistic.

Superintendent Douglas Marrah is very unhappy with the events that have occurred.

"Is that something that we can have in our schools on a daily basis? Absolutely not. Are we going to treat kids the right way? We need to do that and I felt that was an issue we had to address," Marrah said.


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