School Bully Quickly Learns Not To Mess With This Karate Kid (Video)


A video showing what happens to a school bully when he picks on the wrong teenager in the playground has gone viral.

The event – which is believed to take place in the U.S. – was captured on a smartphone and shows a taller student approaching another schoolboy and pushing him, according to the Daily Mail.

The victim refrains from retaliation as the bully walks toward him and shoves him harder.

When the boy decided he had enough, he drops his school bag and faces the taller bully by raising his hands to protect himself.

As the bully approaches, the smaller student throws a right-handed jab and hits the bully right in the face, shocking the aggressor.

The smaller teen then kicks the bully and grabs ahold of his legs, dragging him to the ground.

The student then gets on top of the bully and punches him numerous times. The taller boy then manages to writhe free before the smaller boy flips him over and puts him in a wrestling hold.

The footage ends when the other students, who were previously watching the fight, step in to stop the brawl and pick both boys up from the ground.

The shorter boy’s friends praised him for standing up to the bully.

The video was shared on Facebook on May 25 on a page called “We love BJJ," referring to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The video, which We Love BJJ posted here, garnered over 8.6 million views, 168,169 shares and over 68,000 likes in a day.

Facebook user Amiri King wrote: “I can’t believe there is a ten year old out there that can literally beat my a**.”

Lee Zwonitzer wrote: “That kid showed it all! He throws a right cross (boxing) then a left kick (Muay Thai), goes for the take down a little (grappling) then to top it off some ... (jiu jitsu).”

Nick Olsen said: “Next time choke... Will stop the dude thinking and acting tough after. Sweet armbar though. Mad props.”


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