School Board President Refuses to Resign Over His Racist Videos


Charles "Brad" Rigler, president of the Fairfield Area School District school board in Pennsylvania, announced he was going to resign last Friday after some controversial videos that he made were found on YouTube by local parents.

The videos from his "The Rigler Report" have since been removed from public view, but one video (below) mocking slavery reparations was copied and placed on another website.

"Slavery, as archaic and barbaric as it is, is also responsible for the creation of the African American citizens that Congress is supposed to serve," Rigler said in the video.

"Nobody wants a circus coming to Fairfield, and I don't want to be any part of the reason the school board can't focus on the issues," Rigler told the Evening Sun last Friday.

"I am not ashamed of those videos because they were all made to express political points," added Rigler. "There's nothing illegal about having bad taste."

Some parents began researching Rigler after he was hastily voted in as school board president on Sept. 22. Parent Rhonda Myers, who ran against Rigler in 2013, is leading the call for his resignation, which includes a petition of more than 600 signatures.

However, on Monday night, Rigler announced at a school board meeting that he wasn't resigning over his videos, reports (video below).

Parents carried signs outside the school board meeting that read: "Rigler resign" and "Rigler is not sorry for slavery."

Inside the school board meeting, parent Heather Roberts claimed that one of the videos called children of unmarried couples "bastards."

"How many children in this district may not come from an intact family, you ridicule them," stated Roberts. "I need to understand how you guys can back him. He's camouflaging his racism in what he camouflages as political views. He doesn't belong in this community."

"I do not want my children around somebody who feels it's all right to put videos like that in the public spectrum," added parent Sara Laird.

"You aren't fooling many of us anymore, Mr. Rigler," added parent Kim Bream. "We do not want you on a board that determines the quality of the schools the children of Fairfield attend."

However, resident Bruce Carr called the parents a "pool of sharks" and added that he was "appalled at the smear campaign" by the "mob."

The school board voted 5-3 not to have Rigler step down.

"I heard a lot over the last month... It all struck home to me. I have heard what you said, read what's been written. I understand more than what you believe," Rigler told the parents and school board after the vote.

"I don't make those videos any more," added Rigler, who bragged about his 70,000 YouTube views.

"If there was anything in them that offended people, such as rough language," stated Rigler. "I sincerely and deeply apologize... I don't want to hurt anybody. I don't want to cause any discontent, and I take responsibility."

As part of his taking "responsibility," Rigler refused explain why the videos have been made "private" on YouTube.

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