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School Board Member Resigns, Wanted to Pass Out Free Bullets to Honor Sandy Hook Victims

Gregory Beck recently resigned from the Brookfield, Conn. school board after saying he would hand out free bullets to honor victims of the Sandy Hook massacre.

Beck stepped down Tuesday after calls for his resignation back on Nov. 19, 2013, notes

That's when he commented on a Facebook posting by the Newtown Patch, which called for “26 Days of Kindness” in honor of the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

According to the Brookfield Patch, Beck wrote in response on Facebook: "I shall buy my friends who are gun enthusiasts a box of ammunition on days 1-26."

Beck identifies himself as a member of the "A Brookfield Party," a conservative alternative to the Republican Party.

"As far as A Brookfield Party is concerned, we never made any attempts to encourage or discourage him, other than to use his own judgment and make his own decision," Rob Gianazza, A Brookfield Party chairman, told "I wish him all the best."

There have been two ethics complaints filed against Beck because he wrote on Facebook while reportedly working as Brookfield's emergency services dispatcher.

Sources: and Brookfield Patch


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