Pennsylvania School District Blames Social Media For Student 'Fight Week' (Video)


A student "fight week" broke out in Abington, Pennsylvania and the school district is blaming social media in connection with the hashtag, #AbingtonFightWeek (video below).

"It's all over social media. That's where I've seen most of it," Matt Spross, a student, told WPVI. "I think it's just ridiculous, everyone is fighting for just no reason."

"It happened here at the senior high," Carter Myers, another student, added. "There was a bunch of fights happening early in the week and it just caught on."

On Feb. 4, Abington school district superintendent Amy Sichel, Ph.D., posted a notice on the district's website stating there had been five student fights, including one instance in which a student punched a school resource officer.

Sichel added that no students or staff members had been injured, and no weapons were involved. Sichel informed parents that security guards and school resource officers were breaking up the fights.

She also noted that the school was tracking, and in many cases removing, "social media and videos which are inciting more issues and spreading rumors and inaccurate information." She said there would be an increased police presence and students could face expulsion for fighting.

Sichel would not comment to the media.

Sources: WPVI, Abington School District / Photo Credit: WPVI via YouTube

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