School Bans 'Unsupervised’ Cartwheels, Handstands (Video)

A school in Queensland, Australia, is restricting handstands and cartwheels.

Peregian Springs State School principal Gwen Sands sent an e-newsletter to parents on Monday that claimed some students had experienced "severe injuries as a result of doing cheerleading type stunts, including handstands and cartwheels, in the playground."

Sands added that the injuries included a broken wrist and a kick in the head, noted the SunshineCoastDaily.com.

While cartwheels and handstands have not been banned, children are not allowed to do these moves or any other gymnastic-related activity without a physical education teacher present (video below).

"Everything is becoming more and more strict and they are allowed to be kids less and less," an unidentified mom told SunshineCoastDaily.com.

"I know a lot of other parents also feel it is ridiculous. If our children fell off play equipment, would they take that away too?" added the mom.

In response to the controversy, a Queensland Education Department spokesman said: "Behavior policies to ensure student safety and well-being are developed by principals in consultation with P&Cs and the wider school community."

The Daily Mail notes that parents must get a police clearance to enter a school in South Australia, rubber bands were banned from a school in Sydney, the game 'tag" was outlawed in a school near Melbourne, leather balls were discontinued at another school, and the practice of handing out Bibles and praying was axed at a school in Victoria.

Sources: SunshineCoastDaily.com, Daily Mail


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