School Bans 4-Year-Old Marcella Marino for Bow Hairstyle

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A British school has banned 4-year-old Marcella Marino from her class photo for showing up with her hair styled in a bow-like princess fashion.

The Daily Mail reports that Marcella’s hairdresser father, Marcello, said that he was following his daughter’s request to do her hair in a princess-like manner for the school picture.

However, the school’s strict dress code states that hair bands and ribbons need to be “made of dark colors” such as navy blue, black, or maroon and that hair braids are “not allowed.”

Her dad told The Daily Mail that the school's rejection brought little Marcella to tears: “I am so disappointed. I could understand if Marcella arrived with her hair dyed or something, but this is an elegant look which I think the school should be proud of. It isn’t a hair braid, it is quite simply a knot in the shape of a bow, and I should know because I’m a hairdresser.”


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