School Band Director On Leave After Wishing Prison Sex On Senior Pranksters

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A band leader from an Alabama high school was placed on paid leave after she posted a Facebook rant in which she wrote that she hopes a group of seniors responsible for a prank are forced to have prison sex. 

Cindy Stephens, who is a band director at DeKalb County high school, says in the Facebook post that she was forced to clean up a messy senior prank that involved chicken litter — which includes chicken feces, feed, wood shavings, sawdust and other bedding material — being spread all over campus, reports As a result of the prank, the school had to be shut down for a cleaning.

Stephens took to Facebook to post the following message: 

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In response, Sylvania School principal Westley King reportedly placed Stephens on administrative leave with pay. 

"I learned of it yesterday and immediately passed it on to the superintendent," King said.

Four teen suspects have reportedly been caught in connection with the prank, but it is unlikely charges will be filed against them, reports the Times-Journal.

The DeKalb County Emergency Management Agency, Alabama Department of Public Health, and state Department of Agriculture were all called in to investigate the incident, according to Matt Sharp, chairman of the DeKalb County Board of Education.

"They're cleaning it up," Sharp said. "It was mostly cleaned up (Thursday morning). They've got the four students involved in it. They've talked about what kind of punishment would be (issued), and hopefully it would be an appropriate punishment." 

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