School To Arm Teachers To 'Stop The Violence' (Video)


The Kingsburg High School District in California voted on April 10 to allow teachers and staff to carry guns to keep students safe if there is an active shooter on the Kingsburg Joint Union High School campus (video below).

School Superintendent Randy Morris told Fox News he will be the one deciding who carries a gun at the school; up to five staff members could be armed.

"And personally, the expectation of the superintendent is that, given the situation, you will protect staff and students with your firearm," Morris stated.

Morris said he already has volunteers, but didn't mention what the requirements are.

"It would be comforting or nice to know that somebody was on campus, armed, and could stop the violence," added Kingsburg Police Chief Neil Dadian, who helped write the policy.

Neither Morris or Dadian mentioned examples or any evidence of armed school employees stopping a mass shooter.

Fox News reporter William La Jeunesse recalled a 1997 incident in which an armed assistant principal stopped a student shooter -- Luke Woodham -- in Pearl, Mississippi, "without firing a shot," but Politico noted in 2015, "There’s the story of Joel Myrick, an assistant principal who 'stopped' a shooting at Pearl High School -- but only after it was already over and the shooter was leaving."

People noted that Myrick was more than an assistant principal, he was "a commander in the Army reserves." Myrick reportedly saw Woodham near the parking lot. Woodham got into a car and tried to drive away, but lost control of his vehicle and stopped.

That's when the armed Myrick ran up to Woodham and held him at gunpoint until the police arrived. Woodham had already killed two students and wounded seven others.

Politico asked Dr. Peter Langman, a clinical psychologist who wrote the book "School Shooters: Understanding High School, College, and Adult Perpetrators," if an armed presence is a factor that rampage shooters actually consider while planning a mass shooting in an area.

Langman stated:

"I don’t think it is. Many of these shooters intend to die, either by their own hand or by suicide by cop. There was an armed guard at Columbine. There were armed campus police at Virginia Tech.

"The presence of armed security does not seem to be a deterrent. Because they’re not trying to get away with it. They’re going in essentially on a suicide mission."

Sources: Fox News, Politico,People / Photo credit: Fox News via YouTube

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