New York Police Investigate Death Of 16-Month-Old Boy While In Care Of Baby Sitter


Police in Staten Island, New York, are investigating the death on Feb. 21 of a 16-month-old boy while in the care of a baby sitter.

Anthony Delgado was pronounced dead after being rushed to hospital with bruising and other injuries, media reports said.

The baby appeared to have suffered blows to the head, and had rectal bleeding and a possible bite mark on his penis, reports New York Daily News.

He had spent the weekend with a 30-year-old neighbor. The baby sitter, who is reportedly a diagnosed schizophrenic, is being questioned, along with her boyfriend, who has been arrested 25 times.

Ricky Perez, another neighbor, said he saw the baby sitter with Anthony earlier on Feb. 21.

“She was acting regular, just pushing it,” Perez told the New York Daily News. “He was the same little, fat, chubby, happy boy, smiling. He was in the stroller, he was fine. But something don’t seem right. That’s the last person I saw with the baby and the baby turns up dead.”

Marta Delgado, Anthony's mother, received a text message on Feb. 21 saying Anthony had injuries after falling.

Doctors who treated him said his injuries were not consistent with a fall.

An official told The Wall Street Journal that some of Anthony’s bruising appeared to indicate attempts had been made to resuscitate him.

Security video from the building shows the baby sitter carrying Anthony over her shoulder upstairs to his grandmother’s apartment. In the video, the baby appears limp, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Moments later, Anthony’s grandmother is seen chasing the baby sitter downstairs.

It is not clear where Marta Delgado was during the weekend.

Gabbii Retamar, a childhood friend of Marta's, visited the apartment building on Feb. 22.

“She [Delgado] said to please pray for her son, just pray for the baby,” Retamar said. “They’re a great family, it’s very upsetting. She’s going through a lot.”

“She cared about her baby very much,” Retamar added. “All she cared about was her baby. [He] was very important to her.”

Although charges have yet to be formally filed and investigations continue, the incident has left local residents shocked.

“It’s emotional, it hurts,” Perez told the New York Daily News. “It could be mine, it could be yours, it could be anybody’s. It’s sick. Babies don’t just turn up dead.”

Sources: New York Daily News, Wall Street Journal / Photo credit: Marta Delgado/Facebook via New York Daily News

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