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Car Scam Could Cost You Your Life (Video)

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A terrifying scam relating to car tires could cost you your life if you’re not aware of it (video below).

The scam involves taking worn out tires and touching them up cosmetically to make them look new, then selling them at new prices. In a clip posted to YouTube, it’s obvious just how easy it is to regroove and clean up old, worn out tires to make it look brand new. The horrendous, dangerous scam has reportedly been going on for years and has put many peoples’ lives at risk.

Several viewers shared their reactions to the shady practice, according to AWM:

Been a few garages in the UK which have been shut down, some of these *****’s even have put in pre-cut rubber depth inserts and neatly glue them in the rain channels with super glue! To make the [tire] look an overall black finish they are spun and the tread is lightly sprayed matt black. Snaky or what?

What an awful lot of work to make a tire look new again. Stop being so friggin cheap and go get new tires for Christ sakes...for your own safety and other safety if others.

Others said that retreading and regrooving tires is not new, and has been going on for a long time.

“Remoulds have been going around for years,” one viewer wrote on The Shred’s Facebook page.

“This re-treading malarkey has been going on for years, yes on [truck tires], but not on car [tires] . if you live in the UK be very wary of [tire]​ garages popping up being run by foreigners, they have all the correct gear for fitting & balancing etc but these garages which sell ‘New & Good’ worn [tires]​ are doing this exact method in making a knackered [tire] look brand new, some con artists gluing in tread depth indicators,” another added. 

Watch the shocking practice take place in the clip below. 

Sources: The Shred/Facebook, AWM / Photo credit: AWM

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