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Pit Bull Named Scarface Euthanized After Mauling Owners

A pit bull which attacked its Florida owners has been euthanized.

The attack occurred on Dec. 30 when the dog’s owner, Brenda Guerrero, tried to put a Christmas sweater on the animal while in the back yard of her house, reports the Daily Mail.

The dog, named Scarface, bit her by the arm before lunging at her husband, Ismael Guerrero, when he tried to help.

The couple’s son, Antoine Harris, stabbed the dog in the neck and head in an attempt to defend his parents. All three were eventually able to elude the dog by going inside the house.

When police arrived, they were unable to sufficiently subdue Scarface with a stun gun. The pet also resisted an attempt by Animal Control officials to tranquilize it.

“Officers responding said the dog was pretty aggressive,” Eddy Durkin of the Tampa Police said to WFTS. “When they Tasered the dog, it was still pulling away and was able to release the prongs from the Taser.”

After Scarface got into the house where the family was hiding, authorities managed to calm it down after shooting it with a bean bag gun.

On Jan. 4, Hillsborough County officials confirmed that the dog had been euthanized, saying it posed a risk to the public.

Brenda and her husband were taken to the hospital following the attack. Brenda reportedly suffered injuries that were considered serious but not life-threatening.

According to neighbors, the Guerreros acquired Scarface only about a month earlier. "You got kids here, kids there, and if that dog gets out the gate it could be dangerous to a kid," neighbor Joe Montgomery said. "But he never attacked no one on the street as far as I know."

Sources: Daily Mail, WFTS / Photo credit: Brenda Guererro/Facebook via Daily Mail

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