Scared of Gun-Toting Demonstrators, Texas Jack in The Box Staff Lock Themselves in Freezer

Employees at a Fort Worth, Texas, Jack in the Box were so scared by a group of pro-gun demonstrators that they locked themselves in the freezer, mistaking a lunch run for an armed robbery.

The workers called the police and 10 squad cars arrived at the scene. In an email to NBC DWF Sgt. Ray Bush of the Fort Worth Police Department described the scene. 

“They locked themselves inside a freezer for protection, out of fear the rifle-carrying men would rob them," the email read.

"The demonstration had no signage that would have alerted anyone to their real purpose, and to our knowledge they did not attempt to contact anyone in the Fort Worth Police Department to advise us prior to the demonstration.”

About a dozen officers entered the fast food restaurant. While the situation was soon cleared up, the demonstrators said they were miffed at being treated as robbers.

“I’m upset that that many officers had to arrive on the scene,” said demonstrator Edwin Haros.

“We’re not breaking the laws," he added. "We’re not here to hurt anybody. We’re not trying to alarm anybody. We’re doing this because it’s our constitutional right."

The Jack in the Box employees, however, were quick to deliver good service to the gun-toting group.

“Everyone was nice at the Jack in the Box. We ordered, received our food, walked back out,” Haros said.

Sgt. Bush stressed that the situation could have been avoided had the demonstrators alerted the police department beforehand.

“We respect the rights of all citizens to peacefully protest and the right to bear arms. However, we cannot stress enough how a simple phone call to police prior to this demonstration and the use of easily visible signage could have avoided unnecessarily alarming the public,” he wrote in an email.

Open Carry demonstrators are known to cause a ruckus in public establishments. A group of them brought rifles into Starbucks after the coffee shop chain’s CEO, Howard Schultz, asked that firearms be kept out of stores.

Sources: NBC DWF, Daily Mail


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