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S.C. Woman Kills Her Abuser During Attack; No Charges Filed

A North, South Carolina woman shot and killed her abusive boyfriend last week in an act of self-defense.  

Jeremy Scott Williamson, 24, picked a fight with his 23-year-old girlfriend, whose name was not revealed, over arrest papers that he found in her purse. The papers listed Williamson as the suspect in a crime in another jurisdiction.

Enraged, Williamson began assaulting his girlfriend, dragging her into the house when she tried to flee and punching her in the head, according to the Associated Press.

When the woman tried to call her mother, Williamson wouldn’t let her use the phone. The Post and Courier reports that the man’s grandfather, who was home at the time, came out of his room to tell his grandson to stop and to leave the house.

When the boyfriend wouldn’t let up the woman took matters into her own hands. She picked up a gun and shot her abuser in the stomach as he charged at her.

Williamson later died in the hospital.

The Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office said in a statement that they would not be levying charges against the woman.

"Based on the evidence at the scene, autopsy results, and witness statements, this victim feared for her life during the physical assault she endured early Sunday morning,” wrote Sheriff Leroy Ravenel.

The sheriff added that the incident is a reminder that action must be taken to end domestic violence. South Carolina leads the nation in deaths from domestic disputes, with women most often victimized.

“We can no longer be silent about the physical, mental, and emotional abuse taking place in relationships in this county. We must take steps now to improve a victim's ability to get the resources necessary to better manage and eventually leave these relationships," the sheriff wrote. 

Sources: Associated Press, Post and Courier


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