Cop Caught On Camera Shooting Unarmed Man (Video)


A South Carolina trooper was charged with assault and battery after shooting an unarmed man at a gas station, and now, dashcam footage of the incident has been released.

The video shows former Lance Cpl. Sean Groubert pull over Levar Edward Jones on September 4 for a seatbelt violation. In the clip, Groubert asks Jones for his license, and as the man is reaching into his pocket to get it, Groubert proceeds to fire several shots at him.

As Jones is on the ground shot, he asks Groubert, “What did I do sir?”

Groubert asks Jones if he was hit, to which the injured man replies, “I don’t know what happened. I just grabbed my license.”

Groubert explains that he shot Jones because he charged head-first towards his vehicle, but the video shows the man simply going back into his car to retrieve his license.

Now, Groubert, 31, has been charged and is being held at Columbia’s Richland County Detention Center. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted, and although his defense team says that he is not guilty, the warrant states that the shooting was without justification.

Jones was forced to stay at a hospital and is still recovering from an injury to his hip following the shooting.

Sources: WIS-TV, USA Today, Huffington Post


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