SC Candidate Kicks Off Campaign With AK-47 Giveaway


According to Greenville News on Sept. 25th:

A Greenville man plans tolaunch his political campaign for adjutant general Saturday by giving away an AK-47 assault rifle.

Dean Allen, 58, said he will give away the rifle in a free sweepstakes open to all. He said it’s his way of celebrating the Second Amendment and showing solidarity against gun-rights opponents.

The winner will receive a gift certificate, Allen said. To take possession of the gun, the winner will have to pass an FBI background check, show identification and fill out federal paperwork, he said.

“I’m not worried about people that legally own weapons,” Allen said. “I’m worried about people that get them illegally without meeting all these criteria.”

Mr. Allen's hypocrisy is quite galling, especially when the gun lobby fights tooth and nail against the most sensible of public safety policies, such as requiring background checks on all gun sales to keep guns from falling into the wrong hands and to curb illegal gun trafficking.

The sweepstakes is being held in conjunction with a “machine-gun social” at Allen Arms Indoor Shooting Range on Poinsett Highway. For $25, supporters can eat barbecue and unload one clip from their choice of automatic weapon, Allen said.

Allen, a native of Lake Charles, La., said he works in tax and financial planning. He said he served four years in the Army, two years in the reserves and six years in the State Guard.


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